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Book An Appointment

In booking an appointment we will contact you to arrange  a 45 minute personal in-depth reading of the iris and health assessment. This is our diagnostic tool analysing deficiencies imbalance’s, genetic strengths or weaknesses, toxic settlement, organ development, nervous tension, inflammation and embryonic DNA code.


Since we analyse the organs as they are reflected in the iris, we will need to have clear pictures of your right and left eye. You can use your iPad, phone or a digital camera to take the pictures of your eyes. If you keep the camera one inch from your eye when taking the pictures, they should look similar to the sample picture on this webpage. Once you have e-mailed your pictures to your Health Coach, you are ready for your appointment. Your coach will e-mail you a link for a web consultation on Zoom. You will simply need to click on the link at the scheduled time to start your appointment.   


We use Genetic Iris Analysis to identify the genetic constitutional make up of each fibre, structure, colour pattern and pigmentation in your eyes. Once we have completed our in-depth analysis, we provide you with a personalised amino acid nutritional program that suits your body’s requirements, using our range of healthy living lifestyle products. 


Your Health Coach will assign bi-monthly follow-up appointments with you to assess your healing, regeneration and any areas of resistance. This will allow for any required modifications of dosages, formulations and frequency of use; as well as treatments, nutrition and lifestyle changes. Like rose petals or the rings in a tree, there are many layers that gradually peel away as we heal. 

Arrange an appointment with a Health Coach

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Taking a picture of your iris

Taking your Iris picture is difficult, we know but is well worth the effort and helpful prior to your online appointments so we can fully appreciate you. This picture gives us a baseline to work from that we update on subsequent follow up meetings.

Technique that works best:

  • Using a smart phone or digital camera

  • Get a friend to help take your picture

  • Place the phone/camera approximately nose length away from you eye

  • Zoom in on iris by using zoom option on your phone and focus

  • Have a light (another phone in torch mode works well ) or pen light/torch behind the smart phone, creating some light into the eye for the iris shot ,this may require another person watch for shadows

  • Take a shot or two in focus

  • Repeat on other eye

  • Email your iris pictures to our Iridologist email

Required quality

We do have adaptors for the lens of your phone to help create a macro /High Definition picture on our shop page, for future pictures if your phone can not create a clear shot.


Please ask at your appointment to include one  in your next order.