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As you are all aware at HLLPI we do not profess to treat, cure or Diagnose Disease. What we do claim to offer is assistance in what we believe to be a unique tailor made self- regeneration programme via the use of Free Form amino acid supplements.


I had candida really badly and my friend at the time told me I needed to get onto the powders! This was years ago now and it really helped me back to full health. The protocols around the powders were also a really important part of me finding good health.


I knew if I didn’t do something about the Candida I was in big trouble. As well as giving up sugar and implementing a few other changes, my candida fully cleared up. I’ve been on the powders ever since.


I suffer from eczema and psoriasis. I was taking collagen from the chemist but stopped taking that product when I started taking the formulas to see how it would go. My skin has remained under control. The collagen was really, really good stuff, but I just didn’t need it anymore. I’ve streamlined my products and I just take HLLPI – I don’t need anything else.


Over the years, trailing different things – this has been the most effective product – the best thing I’ve tried.


I have been on the Amino Acid program for about 6 months now. After a year of travel, I returned back to Perth and found myself completely exhausted. I was exercising regularly, eating well and meditating and still, I felt flat! I heard about the program through a friend and decided to give it a go! At first, I felt...sick. I could feel my body purging all the crap and for that first week (taking amino 3x a day) I felt pretty tired. Come week 2, I felt lighter and more energetic. I started sleeping really well and had extra energy to train properly. I was quite surprised to find that after consistently taking the product I found myself turned off sugary crap foods. It was as though my body had a mind of it's own and I had absolutely no cravings! I just wanted clean and quality foods. Since then, my digestion feels so balanced and my skin (which was breaking out and had pigment issues) is now clear and glowing. People often comment ask what supplements I have been taking. I really love that I don't need to shop anywhere else. These products are POTENT. 


 I have more energy in general, so I am able to exercise more. I’m not as lazy. I’m not a lazy person, I’m quite busy, but I’d get sluggish by the end of the day and just want something with sugar in it and then have a lay down. But now I definitely have more energy!


Taking these supplements has been a real life-changing experience for me. I have lost weight, not because that was my aim, but because I no longer have the mid-afternoon cravings for a muffin (or two!). I find I can no longer drink coffee, but because I feel less "foggy" I don't even miss it. It is interesting to see the changes in the eyes but in reality, the corresponding changes in my person I can identify without it!! Truly mind-blowing and I cannot recommend this range of products enough.

Andrew R

I’m more flexible than I was – my joints feel better.


I think my hair is thicker and my skin in absolutely much better!! Prior to that, I used to get quite dry skin and now I don’t get any dry skin. They are the initial impacts that I can see.


My daughter had eczema and we convinced her to start the program. Her skin is so much better, it’s unbelievable! So, she’s now converted, and she takes the products three/four times a day.


I can't believe the positive changes over the 2 years I have been taking these amazing Formulas. On so many levels. my skin conditions gone, hair lushness, my clarity of thought, positive feelings, weight lose, too many to name !!!!

I was initially sceptical but within three weeks I started to feel different, not big changes just a bit at a time if you know what I mean. I suppose it took me years to get toxic it might take a while to un toxify myself. thanks again HLLPI team !! I really appreciate your time and efforts with me.

Mathew B

I used to suffer really badly from hay fever, I’ve suffered from hay fever my whole life! I don’t have hay fever anymore. Having a clear liver is one of the most important things for hay fever.


My daughter has had a lot of problem with digestion and she’s in her 20’s. A lot of her digestion has cleared up since taking the powders.

Ben D

My friend noticed how exhausted I was and recommended I get on the powders. He’d been taking them for some time. He was very passionate, and I knew how they had supported him and his health.


Once I committed to the program, taking my powders every morning in my water bottle, that’s when I noticed the difference.


I’ve taken certain things over the years to help me get along, so I was happy to try something like this!


I shake it up and mix it into my sports water bottle and sip on it throughout the day.

I think mentally it’s been good for the clarity!

I didn’t know about iridology until recently which is very fascinating! It’s amazing how passionate the team are and it’s great to see that kind of passion.

Ross A

I used to get B12 injections every six to eight weeks and I haven’t had one now since early January. You only need B12 when your energy is depleted, and you don’t naturally generate/ make it. It’s like a top up…. but I haven’t needed it for four months now.


I know what it does to me. So, if I stopped taking the product I would good back to what I used to be like, and I don’t want to do that. I remember the good feeling.


I would definitely recommend it. For what I wanted out of it, it absolutely worked. Being plant-based, understanding the research, I’ve learned it’s also about making sure you have a proper variety of foods and the formulas were a really good component to add into diet.


At the very, very start, I felt really sick and I thought oh gosh, what have I done? I almost thought…I’m not going to take these because I feel so terrible, but I kept with it. And then I noticed I started to have more energy than I thought I would have.


I used to get sick once a month which is really what prompted me to get onto the powders. I haven’t really been sick since I started taking the powders and if I start to get sick, it’s over really quickly. It’s like a total lift of my immune system. I don’t get sick as much.


I was also having really bad menstrual cycles which has also eased off, immensely.


I was introduced to almost 5 months ago. In that time I have taken the Amino Powders daily and have noticed a significant increase in energy, I sleep better, I feel stronger within myself and physically in my body and muscles. After feeding three children 18 months each I feel I have tissue back in my breasts. I've tried many different practitioners overs the years to try and get this vitality and my health back....I've finally found the right path with Healthy Living and Yoga.


I first met through a recommendation and at that time I feel burnt out and overwhelmed and lacking the vitality of life. I am feeling like a new person since I have been following their support and can't imagine not having the powders to support my health and well-being. Thank you so much for your amazing ongoing knowledge, guidance, and support.


I have been taking the products for years and it has made a massive difference to my health and well-being. Their knowledge, insights, and advice has been life-changing for me and inspired me to make  healthier life choices and contributed to my positive mindset.


I have been using these products for over 10 years. What I have learned over this time is priceless and the program has taught me the importance of a healthy lifestyle to maintain good health. The products and programs are life-changing.


I didn't realise at the time how run down I was. sleeping badly, out of control asthma Since going on the program my general health started to improve immediately and my asthma so much that after only a month or 2 I was able to give up my steroid inhalers.
Think what I like best is they look at your whole body health and lifestyle, not individual symptoms as most GPs just seem to concentrate on.  The program then feeds your body what it needs to generally lift your overall well-being. In the process, specific things may be fixed although they make no claim to treat actual disease.
My wife and I are both daily users of their products. We cannot imagine ever stopping.


I kept getting sick for months and antibiotics weren't helping and it was all the doctors were suggesting.  I took a blood test and there was nothing in my home that I was allergic to. After going on the aminos my energy came back, my immune system was stronger, my concentration improved,  my quality of sleep improved. Thank you healthy living you've literally changed my life for the better.


When I had a major health challenge years ago and I was guided to start taking some of the amino acid supplements. I also followed some other suggestions to assist me in getting healthier. I'm so grateful that I did that! After taking new blood tests and getting the results, I was happy to see many positive changes. My doctor seemed surprised. Since then, I have learned a lot, still, take various amino acid supplements, and continue to experience beneficial changes.


Hi, I became involved with Hllpi after being diagnosed with prostate cancer. My PSA levels were doubling every 3 months. After a period of hllpi supplements, my PSA levels have now halved from their peak level. While I can not say this was solely due to hllpi products I can say I was on no other form of treatment or medication.


You have changed my life! I had tried everything before and nothing was working! Can't imagine life without my aminos!